Taking your family on a ski holiday is the thing many parents would love to do. I found that many of my friends were delaying booking a trip with the kids until they were older. Of course, I’m not going to tell them what to do but I do think that waiting means you’re missing out on having a special holiday with your family. Everyone loves a holiday in the snow, I looked at the Hakuba snow forecast today and I can’t wait for my kids to see how much powder is on the slopes when we arrive.

Ski holidays for families are the best type of trip to see stunning scenery, have some fun and stay active. If you are still not convinced if a ski holiday is for you, here are some reasons I think will persuade you.

All Ages Can Go

The number one factor that prevents from taking their kids on a ski holiday is because they think they are too young. I agree that skiing can be a little daunting and quite challenging at first, but what the parents don’t know is that their kids will pick it up a lot faster than they will.

If you book a good resort then there will be ski schools for any age and level. I learnt from being put in a ski school everyday of the holiday, learning with kids a similar age to me – it was the best fun I’ve had on the slopes!

Kids grow quickly so you might be thinking that you’ll have to shell out lots of money each year you go, but don’t worry about that because the resorts will have kids gear for hire so you won’t end up spending money on clothes that will only be worn for a week.

Skiing Isn’t The Only Thing

Believe it or not, there are loads of things to do off the slopes and they can be just as fun. I think it’s important to take a rest day if you have young kids so they can get some energy back and also discover new activities. Any family friendly ski resort will have loads on offer, usually you can expect to find things such as; sledding, ice skating, hiking, horse riding and snow parks

Get Excited

The second the kids know they’re going on a ski holiday they will get excited. The idea of heading to a snowy place where they get to ski everyday is something to look forward to. Then when you are all skiing as a family, choosing your routes and chatting about the adventure you’re having over lunch in a mountain top restaurant, it all adds up to a very exciting trip.

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