Not sure whether to source OEM or aftermarket parts for your next repair or upgrade project? There are decided advantages to each kind of component, but some scenarios dictate that you’ll get the best mileage from going with the OEM editions. It’s wise to learn about the benefits provided original equipment manufacturer products, as well as when to use them, before shopping an online bike store such as


What Defines an OEM Component?


Original equipment manufacturer parts come from the same makers that also create and assemble their brands’ motorcycles. Generally, OEM products were first versions installed onto your bike, some manufacturers will also supply upgraded editions. The OEM designation applies whether the product was made in the same factory as the bikes or if the brand subcontracted another company to produce the part, but the original maker’s specs still apply.


Dependability, Speedy Replacement and Resale Value


While aftermarket components are ideal for high-performance fine-tuning, OEM parts often take the guesswork out of getting reliable performance. The OEM designation indicates that they’ll fit exactly like the components that came on the machine, cutting down the time you’ll spend on installation. They’re a great choice for swapping out gear inside critical assemblies such as your engine and electrical systems. Not only that, you’ll get guaranteed performance when using original manufacturer versions for switching out body components, pumps, cables and servos as well as your bearings, seals and gaskets.


Additionally, OEM products help preserve the resale value of your bike. You might not be thinking that far down the road, but if there’s any possibility you’re going to sell your machine or you’re working hard to keep it as a collector’s item, you’re better off sticking to original manufacturer equipment. offers millions of OEM Honda motorcycle parts and original manufacturer components for other bike makes and models. Complete your next project by sourcing your gear from its selections of top-quality original manufacturer equipment and OEM-certified replacements.  

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