I seem to be on the road non stop these days, sometimes for work and sometimes for pleasure. One thing that never changes when I travel are the essential bits of gear I bring along with me.

Paul Hurdsfield and I agree that there’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere, realising you’re missing something essential and having to rush around a city you don’t know trying to buy a new one or hop online to order.

Of course there are essentials such as clothes, shoes, toiletries and other little things which you’ll always bring and are easy to replace. But, there are more valuable items that you need to bring with you because having to buy a new one is not a good option at all.

I chatted with Paul Hurdsfield and some friends about the essential travel gear they need when they go away. Lots of suggestions came up, the following 3 were mentioned by everyone. Let’s see if you agree.

A Smartphone

A phone is no longer just a phone, it pretty much does everything you need. You have a camera to capture those special moments, social media to keep in contact with family and post pictures, google maps to make sure you don’t get lost, skyscanner to book flights, agoda to book hotels and entertainment to pass the hours on those long journeys. You don’t want to be glued to your screen every second of the day because you should be enjoying yourself, but having this piece of gear in your pocket is essential.

A Proper Rucksack

This is one area where you shouldn’t go cheap because the bag will last for years and go with you on every journey. The rucksack will protect your belongings when you travel and must be secure also. Don’t forget that you might have to lug it on your back for quite a distance, so it needs to be comfortable and well made. Go for a reputable brand and read some online reviews first.

A Laptop

This is essential for me and my friends because we work online as we travel. So if I don’t have a laptop I lose the ability to make money and access all my files. I did try once to use internet shops but that turned out to be a real nightmare. If you need a computer for any reason while you travel then bringing your laptop is a must.

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