I am always surprised when I speak to people about the Americas at just how many of them skipped over Central America from either Mexico to Colombia or visa versa. On a personal note, I didn’t exactly fall in love with the whole of Central America, in truth ether is much of it which was simply awful, but every now and again, you would be treated to sheer beauty. One place that I absolutely did fall in love with was Caye Caulker in Belize and if you don’t have it on your travel list yet, here is exactly why you need to add it on immediately.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

I could comfortably sit here and wax lyrical about the natural beauty which Caye Caulker has, and abundance I might add, and I could talk about metaphors to do with paradise, but it is within Caye Caulker that you find the true beauty, inside its soul. The people here really replicate their surroundings, they are laid back and welcoming, always ready to help, always ready to party and much of the reason that I stayed here for over a month when I only planned on a week.

No Planning

This is most definitely not the kind of place that you go to with a checklist that you must tick off, in fact if you do, you will be disappointed. This is the kind of place that you turn up to and do nothing and then all hell breaks loose. This is the kind of place that you are relaxing on the beach one minute, diving amongst shipwrecks the next, sleeping one minute, pool party the next and the list goes on. Don’t plan, just go with the flow.


I really loved the party scene here because it was pure fun, no violence, no drunken louts, no pressure on getting wasted, just good, old fashioned drinking with some singing and dancing with the locals thrown into the mix. The clock really doesn’t exist in Caye Caulker and so no matter what time of day it is, there is a party going on and it will be one of the best that you have ever been to.

The Food

I loved the food here, a real mixture of all things that are good about Caribbean cooking, mixed in with some traditional Latina flavors and put together by the well experienced hands of the locals. For anyone living a budget, this is a great place to eat like a king or a queen without spending the money and you can buy beautiful rice or fish dishes on the street for less than $1.

The truth is that I came to this place to go diving and it is one of the best spots in the world to do so. The fact of the matter is that I loved so much about this corner of the world that to only talk about its most famous aspect, would be doing it a terrible injustice.

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