Do you like to travel and do you also like to write? If so, then working as a travel blogger could be an excellent way for you to make extra income, if not a full time income if you’re really successful at is.

But first, what is a travel blogger? After all, it’s easy for anyone to start a blog, type up a few posts, and call themselves a blogger. Basically, a travel blogger is someone who runs a blog about travel. It really is that simple: you can write posts and share photos about your travel experiences, give pieces of advice, and so on.

In essence, you can post about whatever you want to so long as it relates to travel, and you’re a travel blogger. From visiting other countries to RV road trips to surfing the beach to trying new restaurants, there’s really no restrictions to what you can post about.

But one significant barrier you will face when starting a career as a travel blogger is standing out from a crowd of literally hundreds of thousands of other travel blogs. So what can you do to get started? Let’s find out.

Here are five tips to getting started as a professional travel blogger:

Tip #1 – Post About Doing Stuff That’s Interesting


Travel blogging is about more than just posting about flying to a new city or country and crashing in your hotel room. To your audience, that’s pretty boring, right?

Instead, actually post about yourself doing interesting activities. Go hiking in the mountains. Visit historical monuments or sites. Kayak down deep fjords or surf in the ocean or go biking across the desert.

You get the idea. The idea is to entertain your audience and to inspire them to go traveling themselves.

Tip #2 – Create Content That Helps People


In addition to posting about your own fun adventures to help inspire people, you’ll also want to create content that people will find useful.

For example, you can provide advice articles on flying for your first time, how to book a hotel room, budgeting tips for travel, and specific restaurant recommendations for different cities around the world.

Oftentimes, people will stumble across your blog by searching for travel tips and advice on their search engine, which is why creating useful content can be so powerful at getting your blog noticed.

Tip #3 – Guest Post On Other Popular Travel Blogs

When you first start out posting on your blog, chances are good no one will notice you. That’s why you need to gain attention through exposure on other blogs, and the easiest way to do this will be through guest posting.

Basically, you’ll contact the owner of a blog with a large audience and in the same basic niche of yours, and you’ll ask if you can write a guest post. The idea is your blog will then get noticed by at least a portion of their readers…readers who you know fully well should be interested in your own blog.

The best way to get permission to write on someone else’s blog will be to build a relationship with them first. Contacting them out of the blue and blatantly asking to guest post isn’t going to find you much success.

Tip #4 – Harness The Power of Instagram

You’ll absolutely want to leverage social media when running your blog, and one of the best social media outlets in particular to use will be Instagram. This is because the best travel blogs are visual with numerous high quality photos and videos, and Instagram is the best outlet to share these.

For each Instagram post, make sure that the photo is high quality, and use at least five target hashtags in your description.

Tip #5 – Network

The last piece of advice is to gain exposure for yourself through networking. Actually attend travel blog conferences in person such as the Travel Blog Exchange or Social Travel Summit.

You can also interact with people through social media via travel blogging groups on Facebook or Twitter.

Getting Started As A Professional Travel Blogger

Travel blogging is an excellent career path to follow if you’re passionate about travel, but at the same time, it’s not something that’s going to make you rich and famous overnight.

This is why travel blogging is really something you will need to commit to if you want to be successful at, and the tips and strategies that have been presented to you in this article will be the top ones for you to follow.









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