Hikers are continuously on the lookout for great spots to live their passion. For those who are visiting Victoria on a road trip in a campervan hire, you may want to take advantage of it’s local nature and spend some time hiking.

Victoria is certainly one of the more beautiful areas in Australia and if you’re in the mood for some time away from it all, there are several amazing spots for amazing hiking experiences. Whether you are in top shape for strenuous hikes or you are just a beginner, there is a variety for everyone.


To help you get started planning, the following 5 hiking trails are just a few of the best spots for enjoying nature in Australia:

1.Triplet Falls Rainforest Walk

If you’re new to the world of hiking, you may want to start off slowly. A great way to enjoy nature while not challenging yourself too much is to try the Triplet Falls Rainforest Walk. While it isn’t easy for those who may have challenges with their mobility, it’s ideal for anyone who has yet to build up stamina for longer walks.

A walk that takes about an hour, you don’t have to worry about packing a heavy bag or extensive preparation. Yet, it is still a rewarding hike that will reward you with gorgeous views. As you walk through the forest, you will see water cascading along the way and big beautiful falls that are hard to ignore.

  1. The Great Ocean Walk

The beautiful thing about the Great Ocean Walk is that you can enjoy a short trek or a very long one and still be rewarded with fascinating views. Whether you’re ready to take the hike of your lifetime or you only want to see some of what this incredible place is all about, you can be sure that it will be worth it.

Located along the coast and an easy drive when you pick up your campervan hire from Melbourne, the trail will lead you past gorgeous views of beaches or bring you to the edge of cliffs overlooking the ocean. From hidden lagoons to the 12 apostles, if you want to enjoy an iconic trek while in Australia, this is the walk for you. For those who are doing the full trek, you’ll find that there are some great hostels and hotels along the way.

  1. Great Prom Walk

For those who want to spend some time on the trail but don’t want to exert themselves too much, the Great Prom Walk is ideal. It’s a long circuit, but its not very difficult to do. Wilson Promontory National Park is a gorgeous area that will reward you with unique views and a fascinating trekking experience. You’ll be sure to enjoy the coastal views as you trek through the park’s wilderness. From mountains to beaches and forests, going on the Great Prom Walk is a fabulous way to get away from the city and enjoy nature at it’s finest.

  1. Maits Rest Rainforest Walk

Maits Rest Rainforest Walk is a rewarding walk, but it isn’t for those who are looking for die-hard adventure. A leisurely experience, it’s the kind of walk where you can simply enjoy the gorgeous rainforest and a unique place that is less crowded than some others. It won’t take you long to complete, but it certainly is a great hike for those who want to stop and enjoy being in nature more than completing a multiple-day trek.

  1. The Viking Circuit

If you’re all about challenge and adventure, then the Viking Circuit is for you. It is most certainly not for people who aren’t yet prepared for more challenging hikes. It’s the kind of hike where you will not be able to depend on markings and technology, but rather your own sense of navigation and outdoor expertise. While it may be a challenge, it certainly has its moment of beauty. Mt. Buggary, Mount Despair, and the Viking are just a few of the highlights of this hike, and you will be blessed with breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness along the way. It’s not for the faint-hearted, so if you’re all about adventure, this Victorian hike is definitely for you.


If you’re new at hiking or have been doing it for years, Australia is full of great trails that are sure to meet your expectations. Whether you strive for the famously difficult Viking Circuit or simply want to explore the forest on Maits Rest Rainforest Walk, there is something for every type of hiker.


Are you looking for a challenge? Why not pack up your campervan hire and try to visit all 5 trails? Some of them are near each other making it easy for you, while you may need to drive a bit to get to others. Take advantage of your road trip and visit all the beautiful locations that Victoria has to offer.


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